Nuria González Alcaide - 'Pink, Purple and Yellow' - Acrílico TCA

Nuria González Alcaide - 'Pink, Purple and Yellow' - Acrylic

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Collection: A state of mind

With this collection I began to question how the observer experienced my work.
I spent most of the time analyzing myself. It became a very important part of my process to see how the work evolves towards the direction I have in mind, which is normally very difficult to achieve.

“The moment I give myself permission to create is the exact moment I begin to express what I see in my mind. Every time I face the canvas, I look at myself. I am forgiving myself. This connection is inevitable. It is inside me."

Works of art are made up of many layers, which hide colours, strokes and time. Reaching the final work has been (and is) a constant struggle since I see myself reflected in the canvas continuously.

Technique used: acrylic on canvas

Measurements: 50cm diameter (round)

Shipping cost: Between €100 and €200 - depends on the size and destination. The largest works are sent in a wooden box at the buyer's cost (€100-€150 approx). This will be confirmed once the purchase is made.