Nuria González Alcaide - 'I am forgiving myself' - Acrílico, lápiz y tinta TCA

Nuria González Alcaide - 'I am forgiving myself' - Acrylic, pencil and ink

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Collection: Studios (After-thoughts)

In this collection I explore thought, where it goes and where it comes from.
Starting from my own thinking and experiences, I question how the human being evolves from what has happened to him.
Where are all those experiences in our body?
Do we hide them?
Does our thinking evolve depending on the experiences we have lived?
All the titles of the works are thoughts that I had while painting them.
I differentiate between conscious and unconscious thought.
The first is the thought we know we have today, and the second is the thought we once had but has been replaced by a new one.
Unconscious thought is created when I scratch off the fresh paint of Conscious thought.
The Unconscious is the residue of the Conscious.

Technique used: acrylic, pencil and ink on paper

Measurements: 40 x 31 x 2 cm

Shipping cost: Between €100 and €200 - depends on the size and destination. The largest works are sent in a wooden box at the buyer's cost (€100-€150 approx). This will be confirmed once the purchase is made.