Barcelona Ilustrada - 'La Boquería' - ilustración TCA

Illustrated Barcelona - 'La Boqueria' - illustration

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The Mercat de Sant Josep, popularly connected with the Boqueria, is a municipal market that is located on the coast of the Rambla in the city of Barcelona, ​​specifically in the Ciutat Vella district.

This market was inaugurated in 1836, but its origins were in the open air, in front of the Portal de la Boqueria, on the esplanade of Pla de la Boqueria with street vendors and streets of the towns and farmhouses where they installed · Wash with the finality of selling your products, before the city is separated from the first six walls. It is true outside the walls of the city to block the merchandise entry impost.

The mercat owed its name to the convent of Sant Josep. In 1586, the barefoot Carmelites —named the Josephites for being the promoters of the advocacy of Sant Josep— founded the convent of Sant Josep a l'indret on avui hi ha el mercat. As the Rambla is going to be of greater importance with the urban walkway in the eighteenth century, it is going to be considered necessary to treure the carnisseries of its route and they are going to be displaced, all of which are very propitious, close to the interior, at the cost of the Hort del convent de Sant Josep, which the people are going to cremate on Sant Jaume's day in 1835 during a demonstration, together with the rest of the monsters that were on the boulevard.

With the destruction of the convent, it is going to build a square with large columns turned over with porxos, which was to be the largest in Barcelona. It is going to decide to transfer the market temporarily to its interior, but finally it will be the definitive location. The covering works are going to start on the day of Sant Josep in 1840.

* Technique: digital with pencil

*Measures: 30x40cm