Art for everyone

At The Club Art we democratize art by creating a community for everyone, offering a comprehensive service to artists from training, visibility, to the rental and sale of their works for both individuals and companies.

We organize courses and current talks to help our community of artists to create their own brand, adapting to the needs of the moment.

In our exhibitions the TCA we connect creatives, locals and friends to an artistic experience with the aim of creating a space for dialogue between artists and the public.

We create itinerant art routes in Barcelona because we want to make our city a City Gallery . That's why we have local " Art Friendly " characterized by its charm and sensitivity for good taste.

At TCA we have a large database of artists, this allows us to offer rental and sale of art for both individuals and companies with a certain flexibility of duration.

The rest of us, we invite you to enter and walk through our spaces, to feel, to enjoy the beauty and look for the work that most excites you. Without censorship and without limit of space or time.

Come and see.