The world is not divided between adults who draw well and who draw badly. Simply, there are people who have always painted and others who stopped when they were questioned that the dog they had drawn was a dog. This is not the case of "Dalmaus", author of "A tomar por curro" (Planeta Comic) and "Mano Amiga", a children's story that he has written with his brothers to find a cure for ALS, a disease that has been His father was diagnosed.

Dalmaus does not remember his first drawing, but he does remember that when he was little he copied the drawings his father made for him. Also that there was a time when he compulsively took to portraying ninja turtles. "I invented different faces," he says. But no one ever questioned that his red tortoise was not a faithful portrait of Leonardo and Dalmaus continued drawing, above all, because "when I draw I am happy," he says. “It allows me to explain stories and sharpen ideas that go through my head,” he confesses. Like the ones that he captures in some of his works as a creative director in an advertising agency in Barcelona.

What he enjoys the most is graphic humor and children's stories. Two fields where you have space to think and share ideas.

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