At TCA we promote the knowledge sharing of the artists in our community. The training capsules are inspirational talks for artists who want to learn from other artists.

The coaching capsules for artists have the objective of boosting the potential of artists . Through experiences lived by other artists, we want other people to find the solution to their challenges for themselves.

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Date: March 9

Description: Do you feel that your professional life is not aligned with who you are and you want to give more space to your artistic vocation?

Many times we make vital decisions such as going to university or working on what you have studied without stopping to think that there are other options. We study what we are more or less good at and have good professional opportunities, or what your family is dedicated to, relegating what we really like, like art, to a hobby.

It may be that you are lost professionally and need a change, or maybe you are not bad at work but you do not feel fulfilled, or simply your circumstances have changed and you want to have a life that is more tailored to you and more aligned with your artistic vocation.

Carlota Mollet will explain to us how she made the change towards a life to suit her.

Taught by: Carlota Mollet

Duration: 1h

Cost: €25

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Coaching Capsule "How to go from a full-time job to an artist (Without breaking the bank)"
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