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From TCA we offer a comprehensive service to artists from training and marketing, to visibility and monetization of their works through individuals and companies.
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TCA subscription and marketplace
The first step we request to be able to apply to any of our services is to become part of our community . Once your subscription is confirmed, we will create your collection as an artist on our website and we will promote you through our RRSS.
The Marketplace is our portfolio for companies/individuals who want to carry out any action with art as well as the same sale or rental of works.
Some examples of possible collaborations (open calls):
- Exhibitions in architecture and interior design studios
- Custom art requests
- Collaborations with event companies
- Collaboration with TV and film production companies
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Once the artist's collection is created and published on The Club Art website and you convey to us the intention of holding an exhibition, we will look for a space to carry out the exhibition. These are traveling exhibitions in everyday spaces in the city of Barcelona (for now), we offer you places like restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels, concept stores, etc. where they want to offer the experience of having an art exhibition.
Next, we indicate the cost for carrying out the traveling exhibitions and what it includes:

Operation : When the artist asks us for the intention of holding an exhibition, we will look for a space where their works fit and a proposal will be made to both the artist and the space so that both wish to hold the exhibition. At the moment in which it is accepted, we will proceed with the assembly of the exhibition and we will be able to determine the quantity and dimensions of the works that can be exhibited since each space is different.
We have seen on several occasions that due to the promotion and visibility that we give you, the sale of works often materializes after the exhibitions, for this reason we ask for exclusivity of those of the exhibition during the 2 months of the exhibition and the 2 following months.
OTHER SERVICES (Additional cost per project)
collective exhibitions
We organize collective exhibitions in spaces other than the usual ones for our traveling exhibitions. The costs will vary according to the place since each space carries different costs.
Collective sale of art in Markets and Fairs
TO Specify costs depending on the action since each space entails different costs.
For any other question, do not hesitate to answer the email sent by the TCA team or use the form below. We hope you feel like joining The Club Art!