Art rental for film production companies

Art in the cinema is very present. For this reason, production companies use the rental of contemporary works as a useful and profitable way of having this resource at their disposal.

This type of lease is done temporarily, and according to the requirements, the needs of the contract are adjusted in the most friendly way possible.

We tell you everything about renting art for production companies , and the benefits it has.

art in cinema

Renting art is a way to have contemporary works for productions, in a profitable and efficient way.

And you can find this service at , where we have a wide catalog of paintings, engravings and photographs of current artists and painters, which are ideal for including art in the cinema .

This type of art rental for production companies is convenient because it establishes a flexible rental period that can be adapted to the needs of the production company.

What does it consist of?

As his words indicate, the rental of art for film production companies consists of leasing paintings and other types of works, which will be used in films, videos, commercials or others.

It is carried out through a contract where the payment parameters and duration are established. To find out the costs and existing possibilities, fill out the form below and there you will be able to be in contact with an advisor who will answer your questions, and will inform you of the special prices they handle.

You can also rent art for congresses , and other types of activities where you want to include this option that has become an ally for companies.

Benefits of art rental for film production companies

  1. Constant renewal of spaces and locations.
  2. Reinforcement of the corporate image.
  3. It is a tax deductible service, included in operating costs.
  4. It gives more visual value to film productions.
  5. It generates dynamism, modernity and sophistication.

Art rental film production companies

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