Art rentals for hotels

At The Club Art we are committed to giving visibility to contemporary art, connecting it with society. Our proposal for renting paintings for hotels is an initiative that adds value to both artists and companies in the hotel sector. Because we believe in the potential of art to excite, create inspiring environments and more livable spaces.

Project your brand image with the latest art
Enjoying works by emerging artists in your hotel is not only an aesthetic pleasure, but also says a lot about your brand values. A firm that is committed to contemporary art is sending a message to its clients and to society. It is a gesture that speaks of social commitment, while transmitting prestige, distinguishing itself from the competition. In addition, beyond corporate social responsibility, art rental for hotels allows you to underline the personality of your firm, giving it strength, dynamism and a vision of the future.

Provides a feeling of constant renewal
The rental of paintings for hotels contributes to visually renew the spaces. Because every detail counts to project the image of your business. You decide how long you are going to show each work, and that gives you the power to transform the appearance of your hotel rooms in a simple way. You will be able to periodically replace the pieces that are exhibited in your premises. Thus, you will also contribute to giving visibility to a greater number of artists, in a win-win solution that satisfies everyone.

Stimulate your staff with a friendly environment
In addition to practical functionality, spaces also play an important role in conveying moods. Art rental is a tool that allows you to create environments that are highly stimulating. There are many factors that contribute to a good work environment, and a friendly environment is one of them. A way to boost productivity, dynamism and a sense of belonging. Because art reminds us of our most spiritual side, connects with emotions and brings serenity.

Choose the style according to your spaces
At The Club Art we have a wide catalog of artists. This allows us to offer a great diversity of artistic proposals. Depending on your preferences and the aesthetic that prevails in your buildings, you can opt for some works or others. We know that art is above fashion, but also that there are styles that may be more in line with your image. So you have complete freedom to choose.

A link between the artistic world and society
If your business is in Barcelona, ​​you are in luck. Our business proposal invites you to be part of something bigger. You will become a link between the artistic world and society. Betting on art rental in Barcelona, ​​you will allow your clients and visitors to appreciate the best of contemporary art.

Practical reasons to invest in art
In addition to all aspects directly related to art and brand image, there are even more reasons to opt for art rental in Barcelona. By investing in works of art, you also have tax benefits in your hand, since it is a deductible expense. Thus, all are advantages, both those of a practical order and those that are purely aesthetic and emotional.

art rental hotels

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