Art rental for companies

The rental of works of art is an innovative way to get closer to art, to give visibility to creations by both emerging and established artists and to promote accessibility to works that would otherwise be almost impossible.

The concept of renting art

As a system, this type of rental allows art lovers, whether they are companies or individuals, to temporarily enjoy any type of work, be it paintings, photographs, sculptures, engravings, etc. This concept implies a substantial change in the price that is generally associated with art. Not surprisingly, renting works of art for months implies more affordable prices and, therefore, they are more accessible. In this way, it is possible to open the doors of this wonderful world in a most innovative way.

The benefits of renting pieces of art companies

It manages to create a much better work environment . Art stimulates, enhances the ability to communicate and induces to broaden aesthetic perspectives. A work of art opens up opportunities for employees and customers to exchange opinions and ideas. Likewise, art humanizes a workspace by creating a motivating and friendly environment for employees. At the same time, the culture in the company is actively promoted.

Professional identity is reinforced. Having artwork in a space, especially a contemporary one, projects an image of a sophisticated and dynamic company. To do this, you have to select certain pieces and choose their best location in a specific space. For example, renting artwork from young talent or local artists is a great way to show the company's commitment to local culture.

Tax advantages . It is no less important to note that the cost of renting works of art can be included in operating costs, therefore, it is an expense that can be deducted at the tax level for companies.

Very accessible prices . The rental of contemporary works of art online allows access to original works at a very reasonable price, since the cost of the same covers a minimal fraction of the purchase price. It must be borne in mind that the amount will vary depending on the rental period, which is generally between six months and one year. It will also do so, logically, of the material of the piece, its size and especially, the path of the artist at a professional level.

art rental companies

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