We landed with The Club Art

The Club Art was born from the passion for art and the desire to bring it closer to people. We like the idea of ​​connecting creatives with friends in different places to live an artistic experience with the aim of creating a space for dialogue, between artists and the public, in a close way.

We believe in today but always with a vision for tomorrow. We like to live and live fast, but without forgetting to enjoy what happens at every moment. For this reason, we seek and find avant-garde art with which to make everything more beautiful and human. We think and we want to help you find that piece of art that makes you emotional, smile or remember.

A good experience is what makes you appreciate a place, for this reason, we create itinerant art routes in Barcelona because we want to make our city a "City Gallery" to which you want to return. We have “Art Friendly” spaces characterized by their charm and sensitivity for good taste and art. We also bring art to the whole world through our website so that you can become “Art Friendly” in the easiest way possible.

Do not hesitate to meet us as we will be happy to help you find the work of art that you want to take home.