Montse Fern√°ndez in the Ancestral

ūüėć You have to see how cool it turned out! ūüĎĆūüŹĽ Those of you who know #ancestralbarbcn can confirm it! ūüėé Great match! ūüí™ūüŹĽ

ABOUT THE ARTIST : Montse Fernández Baró is a self-taught artist, inspired by yoga, dance and emotions. Color is his creative medium to explore spaces where centrifugal and centripetal forms of movement materialize.

He also explores the human figure, capturing more the ethereal or energetic part of the body and the investigation of concepts or also memories of landscapes.

ABOUT ANCESTRAL:¬†Craft beer bar ūüćĽ , wines and tapas located in the heart of Barcelona. You can't miss the Good vibes of this place ‚ú®

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